Ixkio Flex

Ixkio Flex, Flex Pro and Flex Alpha offer full featured NFC tag and QR code management for business and enterprise level customers.

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The ixkio platform is designed for flexibility and can be used in a very wide range of NFC tag management use cases.

We strongly recommend speaking to us before starting to set up your platform so that we can get you on the right path.


Key Terms

Tag Codes

A Tag Code is a unique URL/link which can be encoded onto an NFC tag or a QR code. You can encode the same Tag Code onto multiple NFC tags and they can be managed as a single set. Or you can encode a Tag Code onto each single NFC tag for granular control.

Response Modes

The Response Mode is how the platform is used - this can be Redirect (where the tag scan hits ixkio first and we redirect the user instantly to another page) or API (where the tag scans will hit your server first and ixkio is used with a server to server API call).

A Request

This is a call to the ixkio server for a Response. For example, if an NFC Tag is scanned and the link is to ixkio, then the link requests a response from the ixkio platform. The response being a URL destination. Alternatively, if you are using the API system, then a request is the API call.

Getting Started

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