Additional Tag Codes

If you're reaching your limit for Tag Codes, additional Tag Code packages can be added to your monthly/annual Flex or Flex Pro Plan at any time.

There a multiple packages to choose, from 5,000 to 250,000 additional Tag Codes per month.

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Additional Tag Scans

Ixkio offer a fair use policy on tag scans. We appreciate that campaign launches can cause month by month fluctuations in the number of scans required. Therefore, we allow a 300% overage in any single month on scans.

However, any consistent overage on a month by month basis will require purchase of either a High Usage or Enterprise Usage upgrade. These are only available on the Flex or Flex Pro plans.

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Remove Tag Codes

If you have purchased additional Tag Codes and no longer need them, simply delete the codes you no longer need. Once you've removed the additional Tag Codes to the amount that you want, contact us and we will amend your monthly/annual pricing.

Once a Tag Code has been deleted, it cannot be recovered. However, ixkio do not recycle Tag Codes so any deleted codes will never be active on our network again.

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