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User Privacy

Account Holder Privacy

Ixkio will set a cookie for the purposes of managing account access when you log in. It is only used for this purpose and you can safely delete this cookie when not using the console or Locus.

We only store user information related to the Account holder for the purposes of account management such as billing and account maintenance. We will not contact you for marketing, promotion or similar reasons and your email will not be transferred outside our company (unless we are legally required to do so).

Any information entered regarding other users in a multiuser configuration is treated the same way.

Third Party Tag Scan Users

Ixkio do not set cookies or store any personally identifiable information for non-account users scanning any tags, QR codes or links directly linked to the ixkio platform.

Where we provide information such as geo data, we do so only at a generic level (such as a country) and the IP address or other information on which we base this data is not stored anywhere on our systems in association with either the Tag Code or the Account.

We may store IP data across the whole system in general but only for the purposes of system/server/network security. Any storage is completely anonymous and not related in any way to any specific event, account, tag, QR code or user.

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