User Settings

To manage Users within a Multiuser configuration, read the Multiuser documents.

Changing User Settings

Main Menu > Admin > Your Settings

Edit you User Name or login email and click 'Update'.

The User Name is only used internally on your account and setting this can be useful if you decide to go to a multiuser config in the future as it will appear in the event logs.

Changing your email address will also immediately change your login email.

Changing Password

Main Menu > Admin > Password

Enter your current password and enter your new password twice to change. As with all passwords, we strongly recommend using a long, mixed letter/number combination for maximum security.

If you have lost your password, then visit and click the lost password link.

If you are not the Account Master in a multiuser configuration, then you cannot change your own password. You need to contact either your Account Master or an Admin User.

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