Testing CodeLink

During the configuration of the CodeLink system you may wish to check the different scenarios and how they present themselves. We recommend the following procedure :

Testing an Invalid Key

The CodeLink Keys are passed in the redirect from ixkio to your website using the query string parameter ixr, for example :


You can test for an invalid key scanning the tag so it lands on your auth page on your website. Now edit the URL so that you remove a character from the key, for example :


This will then register as an Invalid Key and you can test the response.

Testing for no Key

Once you have implemented the CodeLink setup, try to access your landing page without any key in the URL. So remove the ixr= and just enter the URL.

This will simulate someone trying to access your page directly.

Testing for a Re-used Key

Scan as you would normally to get the key pass response on your landing page. Now refresh the page directly in the browser.

If you refresh the page very quickly - within seconds - it should allow the key to pass. This is an important allowance as potential delays on the redirect between ixkio and your website caused by slow internet connections can create problems.

If you refresh the page after a number of seconds, you should get an expired code response.

If you wait a longer time (until the next day for example) and then refresh, you will see a no code found response.

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