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For Redirect and Direct Response users, the usual domain name encoded onto the tags is the ixkio tag management URL :

However, on all our Flex plans, you can also use your own domain and map this to ours.

You can only have one domain associated with your account and changing this may cause existing tags to stop working. We very strongly recommend you choose a domain and subdomain that you are good to use in the long term.

You need to create a CNAME on your domain, for example '' or '' which maps/points to You can do this through the company that hosts your company domain.

We recommend speaking to your domain holding/hosting company if you need advice on setting this up.

Once the CNAME has been set, contact us via email at for us to configure this on your Account.

Ixkio will create an SSL certificate for you free of charge for your domain on our platform.

It can take 48-72 hours for a CNAME change to be fully active across the internet.

Using a Custom Domain with API

You cannot currently use a Custom Domain for accessing either the Response API or the Management API.

In both these cases, your end user would not be aware of the ixkio domain in any event so it's highly unlikely that API Mode users would need or require a Custom Domain.

Encoding NFC tags using Encode Assignment

If you are using Encode Assignment to encode NFC tags directly from ixkio, then tags will automatically be encoded using your Custom Domain.

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