TapStart will be discontinued for new accounts from 1st April 2024. Existing TapStart users and existing TapStart accounts will continue to function. We are replacing TapStart with Folder Level multiuser access to provide a more enhanced experience.

TapStart is a feature that allows any unregistered user to modify the destination URL of a Tag Code.

The system requires the use of a Control Code. A Control Code is a unique link (for use with either a QR code or NFC tag) that, after loading, allows access to edit the destination URL of a Tag Code.

Control Codes are effectively one time passes. Access to the Control Code provides access to edit the Tag Code. No other password or login is required.

The technology is designed primarily to allow your users (rather than you as the account holder) to edit a Tag Code redirect URL easily - without the need of an app or any complicated login, password and so on.

TapStart use cases

For example, you may encode unique Tag Codes onto NFC tagged or QR code printed promotional goods for a trade show. You can then provide a unique Control Code with each item (or to your stand team members). A quick mobile scan of the Control Code, then a scan of the promo goods and enter the URL. Any further scan of the promo goods will simply redirect to the set URL.

Alternatively, you might provide a set of NFC tagged menu cards for customer's restaurant. You don't want to give login access but you want to allow them to change the destination link themselves. Provide them with a Control Code and they can scan the Control Code to instantly change the link on all their menu cards.

For account holders looking to make in-situ changes to Tag Codes, we strongly recommend using the Locus system rather than TapStart. TapStart is best used only to allow URL destination changes for unregistered external users.

Setting Up TapStart

The TapStart system is only available on the Redirect Response Mode.

To use the TapStart system, you need to :

  • Enable TapStart at the Folder Level

  • Create some Tag Codes within that Folder

  • Create one or more Control Codes

Enable TapStart

The TapStart feature is enabled on a folder by folder basis. Folders need to be in the Redirect Response Mode.

Navigate to your chosen Folder (or Create a new one), then navigate to the Settings tab within the Folder Details panel. Change TapStart to Enabled and Update.

TapStart can only be Enabled and Disabled before any Tag Codes are added under that Folder. Once Tag Codes are created, the TapStart status for that Folder cannot be changed.

Create Tag Codes

TapStart Folders, Tag Groups, Batches and Tag Codes work like any other non-TapStart elements. You can create multiple Tag Groups, multiple Batches and multiple Tag Codes.

For the purpose of this step by step, add a new Tag Group, then under the default Batch, add 2 new Tag Codes.

Create a Control Code

A Control Code is simply a unique link that activates the Tag Code edit function. Anyone with that link will be able to edit the URL response destination of any Tag Code (within that folder) subsequently scanned.

Control Codes are created at the Folder Level. Once TapStart is enabled, an additional Control Code panel will appear. Click on the 'Add New Control Code' button, optionally enter a name for your Control Code and click Create.

Control Code Name

The Control Code name can help you identify who you may have given the Control Code to. You can view activated Tag Codes for each Control Code and see which Control Code has control of a Tag Code from the Tag Code screen. Therefore, giving a Control Code an identifiable name can be useful.

Using the Control Codes

Usually, we would suggest encoding your Control Code link onto an NFC tag or creating a QR code for it. In this way, users can scan one QR code/NFC tag and then scan the NFC tag or QR Code they wish to edit.

There's no requirement for the Control Code and Tag Code to be on the same form. The Control Code can be a QR Code and the Tag Code can be encoded onto an NFC tag. However, the same mobile phone must be used to scan the Control Code, then the Tag Code.

Control Codes created within a Folder can only edit Tag Codes within the same Folder.

Using TapStart

The TapStart process is a two stage system. First, the Control Code is scanned, then a Tag Code from within the same Folder.

Setting the URL for the first time

If a Tag Code in a TapStart Enabled Folder that hasn't been set is scanned before a Control Code scan, the user will be prompted to scan a Control Code first.

Once a Control Code is scanned, the user can then scan a Tag Code and will be presented with a URL edit screen. The URL must be entered in full with the https:// or http:// prefix.

Once updated, any subsequent scan of the Tag Code will redirect through to the set URL.

Changing the Tag Code URL

The Tag Code destination URL can be changed either by you via the ixkio Console (via the Tag Code edit screen), or by again scanning the Control Code first.

Once a Control Code has taken 'control' of a Tag Code, that Tag Code can only be controlled by that Control Code. If another Control Code is scanned - even in the same Folder - it will not be able to alter the URL.

Managing multiple Tag Codes

Each Control Code can manage multiple Tag Codes.

The list of Tag Codes managed by a Control Code can be viewed. Click on the Control Code link from the TapStart Control Code panel on the Folder screen. This will display the Control Code screen showing all the Tag Codes controlled by that Control Code.

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