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Traceback is a system designed to help prevent direct page hits on your website authentication landing pages.

The problem

When using ixkio in Redirect Mode with authentication NFC tags, the user will scan the tag, arrive at ixkio - where we will do the authentication check and apply any Rules - and then immediately redirect the user to your website.
However, as the user is ultimately linked through to an authentication page on your website, it could be possible to copy that URL - the one on your site - directly onto a tag. In doing so, they would bypass the ixkio authentication and land directly on your 'authenticated' page. Anyone scanning the tag may not be aware of this.

The solution

With Traceback, we provide you with a line of javascript code to add to your authentication landing page(s).
This code checks that the access to that page came from an immediate ixkio redirect. If it passes, then your authentication page will display. If it fails, then you can choose whether to display a message or redirect the user to a failed authentication page.

Using Traceback

Traceback is available on the Flex Pro and Flex Alpha plan for authentication tags.
It's a flexible system which is designed to allow easy plug and play, but can be modified easily to suit your design requirements as you prefer.
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