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Assignment Readers/Writers


The ixkio platform has been designed for use only with Digital Logic's uFR series of USB readers and Android mobile phones. It's also possible to use iPhones but it's generally faster with Android.
The Digital Logic devices can be purchased directly from Digital Logic or from our sister company - Seritag.

Scan Assignment Readers

Digital Logic uFR Online

These are superb devices designed to work directly from your Wifi. You don't need to attach them to a computer although you need a mobile phone or computer to set them up which can be done in minutes.
They do need to have power which can be a standard mobile charging cable, a portable USB battery pack or you can use your computer if you prefer.
Each Digital Logic uFR Online device will be registered on our platform and can be managed individually. You can have multiple devices running concurrently, either working on the same Batch or each for different Batches.
Each uFR Online reader must have it's own Assignment Device 'user'.
This is our recommended reader for Scan Assignment. It is fast, reliable and self contained.

Mobile Phone

To use Assignment with a mobile, each user must have an Assignment User login and password. This is not the same as the more flexible Locus login/password and Assignment Users have no control or access to anything other than Assignment.
Once the user has logged into the phone, Assignment can be achieved just by scanning tags. This will work on both the iPhone and Android phones.
However, the ixkio assignment system has been optimised to work with Android phone and providing it is running the latest Chrome Browser, ixkio will trigger 'WebNFC' and allow the scanning of the tags directly from the Chrome Browser. This makes the experience faster and the interface more responsive.

Encoding Assignment Writers

Digital Logic uFR USB

To use Encoding Assignment you must have a Digital Logic uFR USB device. These will be attached directly from computer and encoding is managed directly from the Chrome browser.
We very strongly recommend running testing on both the USB readers and the Encoding Assignment process before a large scale deployment.
Encoding NFC tags in production is not always easy and releasing unencoded (and unlocked) or incorrectly/partially encoded tags is always a risk.
In smaller production environments, these risks can be minimised. In larger factories or larger scale production areas - we very strongly recommend using pre-encoded, locked tags and Scan Assignment.

Mobile Phones

We do not currently support Encoding Assignment from mobile phones.
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