Setting Up the uFR USB


Ixkio will be discontinuing support for Digital Logic's USB devices later in 2024 as the functionality is now better served with mobile phones.

We strongly recommend using our mobile apps instead of USB devices.

You need to be running an up to date version of Chrome and Windows 10 or 11.

The ixkio platform can encode NFC tags directly from the browser console. The steps you need to take :

  • Chrome Browser

  • Digital Logic Chrome Browser Extension

  • Register the Digital Logic writer on your OS

Ixkio encoding only works with Digital Logic UFR series readers/writers.

1. Install the Chrome Browser Extension

You need to be using Google Chrome to install the browser extension. Visit Chrome Web Store from Chrome and search for 'd-logic'. You need the 'NFC Reader - Browser Extension'. Check that the developer is

Click 'add to chrome'

We recommend changing the settings to that the extension is only activated at your request. To do this, click on the 'puzzle' icon on the top right on your browser :

and click 'manage extensions'. Then click on the details button under the NFC Reader extension.

Change the following settings :

a. Site Access : change this to 'on click'.

You will need to click on the puzzle and the browser extension to activate before you start encoding. The extension will not be active on other sites and will not automatically be active on ixkio.

b. Check that 'allow access to file URLs' is unchecked

2. Register the Writer in your OS

Download and install the correct file for your operating system to register the USB reader/writer. Download this directly from Digital Logic.

3. Run a Test Encode

We recommend undertaking a test encode before you start to encode any 'live' tags that might be in products.

You can do this by creating a temporary Batch, adding a Tag Code and then following the Encoding Assignment instructions on a spare NFC tag.

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