Scan Assignment


Scan Assignment is used for moving and/or 'assigning' (changing the Assignment Status of a Tag Code to Assigned) Tag Codes. Your NFC tags will need to have been pre-encoded.

Scan Assignment works with either our mobile phone apps or Digital Logic's uFR Nano Online wifi enabled readers.

Typical Process

  1. Set up a Batch to contain a generic 'pool' of Tag Codes

  2. Encode the NFC tags with the URLs from this Batch

  3. Place the NFC tags into any product or item

  4. Set up a Batch for your product

  5. Activate Scan Assignment on that Batch

  6. Scan the NFC tags to Assign them from the pool to the product Batch

If you are using our mobile phone app for assignment, we recommend setting up a specific Controlled User (Flex Pro and Flex Alpha)

If you are using a Digital Logic device, then you need to create a Assignment Device

You can move a tag with assignment across Folders of the same Response Mode (Redirect, API or Direct Response). You cannot move tags across different Response Mode Folder types.

Important : If you move a tag across Folders, the tag will lose any Extended Data associated with it. It will keep any Core Data (tag name, UID, CUID).

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