Scan Assignment with Ixkio Mobile App

Scan Assignment with the ixkio mobile app is quick and straightforward.

Create a Controlled User

If you are on the Flex plan, you will log in to the mobile app with your master login. On the Flex Pro and Flex Alpha plans, you can still do this - but we recommend setting up a Controlled User instead.

Create a generic Batch 'pool'

The point of assignment is to move tags from a generic pool of tags to a specific product. In this example, let's assume we've added pre-encoded NFC tags from the 'pool' to a new Blue T-Shirt.

We now want to scan those NFC tags to 'assign' them from the pool to a Batch on your system called 'Blue T-Shirt'.

For this demo - let's assume we already have these two Batches on ixkio and you have encoded the NFC tags from the 'Pool' Batch. (If you want to test this with unencoded tags, then follow the 'Encode Assignment' example).

Note that we have five Tag Codes in our Generic Pool and these are currently marked as 'unassigned'.

This is important - you can only assign unassigned tags. Once tags are assigned, you can only re-assign them by removing the assignment status (in the console). This is to prevent accidental tag movements.

Activate Scan Assignment on your Product Batch

Batch Screen > Batch Function Panel > Assignment Tab

What we are doing is telling ixkio where we want the Tags to move to when we assign them. Where the tags are before assignment isn't important.

In this example below, we are navigating to our Blue T-Shirt (where we want to move the tags to) and activating assignment to our 'Test User'.

Log into the ixkio App

Log into the ixkio app using your Test User (or the user you created for your app).

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