Subtags in API Extended Data

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This document explains how to include subtag data within Extended Data fields on an API request. This can be useful if you want to access data using subtags but do not want to include that data within the Ruleset Response.
All Action Data subtags are not available on the API as ixkio will not know the browser/IP/device of the user actually scanning the tag.

Step 1 : Create your Extended Data field

Active Folder > Folder Function Panel > Data Tab
Create a new Extended Data field by entering a name for your field, selecting 'text' or 'JSON' and clicking 'Add'
NOTE : The JSON data type is currently in Beta and should only be used for the NFT metadata Subtag.

Step 2 : Add the Extended Data field to the API response

Active Folder > Folder Function Panel > Response Tab
Change the 'Response' option for your Data Name (as created in Step 1) to 'Add to Response'.

Step 3 : Add the Subtag to the Extended Data response

Tag Group > Tag Group Data Panel > Extended Tab
Under the Extended Data name you just created, enter your Subtag. For example, if you created a Data field called 'scancount', you can add {scount} to dynamically display the Tag Code Scan Count.
The resulting API response would be :
"xuid": "q8w3sbcz",
"response": "Pass",
"scancount": "123"
It's not currently possible to add JSON to an Extended Data field to create more complex responses.
We will be added JSON support in Extended Data early in 2023.
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