Creating a Rule


Rules are created at either the Tag Group or Tag Code level.

Rules created at the Tag Group level will apply to all Tag Codes under that Tag Group - unless you create separate Rules for a specific Tag Code.

Where to Create Rules

Tag Group Level

To create Rules at the Tag Group level, navigate to your Tag Group and then Tag Group Function Panel > Ruleset Tab.

Rules created at this level will, by default, apply to all Tag Codes under this Tag Group.

If you navigate to a Tag Code, you will see that the Rule Set Default URL (and, if set, any Rule Groups) are 'inherited'. This means they are getting their Rules from the Tag Group level.

Tag Code Level

Rules can also be created at individual Tag Code level. These rules will override the Tag Group Rules. You can 'revert' back to the Tag Group Rules at any time.

To create Rules at the Tag Code level, navigate to your Tag Code and then Tag Function Panel > Ruleset Tab. Then just follow the create rules instructions below.

Creating Rules at the Tag Code level will break the link to the Tag Group rules and they will no longer be inherited. However, you can revert back at any time by clicking the 'Revert' button.

Creating Rules

The same process applies at both the Tag Group and Tag Code levels.

Setting the Rule Set Default Response

To begin with, you will have a 'Rule Set Default Response'. For API, this will be a field that will show in the API response. For Redirect Mode, this will be a URL.

This is the Response if no Rule Group is matched.

If you don't need Rules, then you can simply enter your URL/Response in here. And that's all you need to do. All tags under that Tag Group (or that Tag Code) will now just have that Response.

Adding a Rule Group

Click on the 'Add Rule Group' button to add your first Rule Group.

Until you have added all the data and settings required, the Rule Group will not be active.

Add a Response

The Rule Group will have a it's own Response. Again, for API, this will simply be some text. For Redirect, this will be a URL.

This is the Response that is given if all the Rules in that Rule Group are matched.

Add a Rule

Click the small burger menu icon on the top right of the Rule Group box and select 'Add New Rule'. This will allow you to select from the Rule options for your account configuration. For example, you might select 'Scan Count'.

You can now see the Criteria and possibly the Target (for the Criteria) for that Rule.

For 'Scan Count', you could select 'Count Less Than', with a Target of 5.

Save Changes

Once you have added your Rule Group Response and set your Rule, you can 'Save Changes' to activate.

Changing Rule Group Order

Click and hold on the icon in the top left of the Rule Group and drag up and down.

Rule Groups are processed in order. So if the first Rule Group is matched, the second will not be processed.

If no Rule Group is matched, then the Default Response will be given.

Deleting a Rule Group

Click on the burger menu icon on the top right of your Rule Group and select Delete. Note that you will not be prompted to confirm the deletion.

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