Rule Types

Scan Count

A Scan Count is how many times the NFC tag or QR code has been registered on the ixkio Console. The Scan Count rule has a few Criteria options such as:

  • Count less than

  • Count more than

  • Count equal to

  • Count not equal to

From here you can set your Target. For example, Scan Count more than 10.

Scan Method

Scan Method matches how the scan occurred. In almost all configurations, this would be either NFC or QR code. This option isn't available on the API Mode.

For example, this means you can redirect a QR code to one URL and an NFC tag scan to another URL.


If Tag Tamper has been enabled on your tag (only available on a very limited number of specialist tags) then you can change response based on tamper status.

The Tamper rule has just two Criteria options to match the chips encoded tamper response :

  • Tamper equal to

  • Tamper not equal to

User Authorisation

When creating a Rule in the Rule Group, you can choose from the following settings:

  • Not Registered User - Anyone that is not registered

  • Any Registered User - Anyone that is registered (and logged in)

  • Administrators Only - Only Account Master and Account Admin Users (Multiuser systems only)

You need to login on the same device that you scan from

Mobile OS

Allows the creation of a Rule based on the Mobile operating system - either iOS or Android.

Mobile Browser

Allows the creation of a Rule based on a selection of the current most popular Mobile Browsers - Safari, Chrome, Samsung, Firefox, UC Browser or Opera.

Tag Authentication

Flex Pro Flex Alpha

For Tag Groups using Authentication NFC tags this is an essential Rule.

You need to create a Response for 'Authentication Pass' and then a Default Response.

NFT Authentication

Flex Alpha

Where a Tag Code has complete NFT data associated with it (Contract, Token, Blockchain and Owner), ixkio will check the NFT Owner on the blockchain.

If the Owner of the NFT is the same as that stored in the ixkio platform, the Rule will Pass.

NFT Status

Flex Alpha

NFT status allows a Rule based on the current NFT data stored in ixkio. If no NFT data is stored against a Tag Code, then 'No Data' will match.

If Contract data is in ixkio but no owner data (owner data stored in ixkio, not on the NFT itself) then 'Contract Data' will match.

If Contract, Token and Owner is stored against a Tag Code on ixkio, then Contract & Owner will match.

Assignment Status

Flex Alpha

Creates a Rule based on the Assignment Status of that Tag Code. Can be either Assigned or Unassigned.

Used for controlling the destination (or API response) of deployed or not-deployed Tag Codes.

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