Ixkio enables you to organise and structure your Tag Codes in multiple tiers. The system is designed in a way that allows you to keep growing and adding to your projects without having to recreate management rules or configurations.

The structure is as follows:

Organisation Folders > Active Folders > Tag Groups > Batches > Tag Codes For example: 2022 > Summer Release > Shoes > Size > Tags

Organisation Folders

  • Org Folders are simply there to help you organise your project.

  • They have no settings or features.

  • Org Folders are optional, you don't need to use them.

Active Folders

  • Active Folders define the Response Mode.

  • You can move Active Folders between Org Folders.

  • Active Folders cannot be inside another Active Folder.

  • You must have at least one Active Folder.

Tag Groups

  • Set default settings, such as Response Rules, for Tag Codes under that Tag Group.

  • You cannot move Tag Groups outside of an Active Folder.

  • You must have at least one Tag Group.


  • Batches have no settings themselves apart from a name.

  • They are designed to organise groups of Tag Codes that will have the same rules and settings.

  • You download encoding data and create Tag Code associations by Batch.

  • You can move Batches between Tag Groups.

  • You must have at least one Batch.

Tag Codes (XUID)

  • Tag Codes are unique URLs/links for encoding onto NFC Tags or QR Codes

  • You can move Tag Codes between Batches under the same Active Folder.

  • Rules can be created at a Tag Code level or are inherited from the Tag Group level.

Talk to us first before you start your project. A five minute call or quick email can make sure you get the right structure to allow you to quickly manage your project and grow.

Keep it simple

However, as a general rule, keep it simple. Most projects won't need Org Folders and many won't need more than one Active Folder. Many of the projects - even those with hundreds of thousands of Tag Codes - can be simply managed with multiple Tag Groups under a single Active Folder.

Use Batches

Batches contain no settings but are an important way to help manage projects. You can download stats, encoding data and create associations all at the Batch level. We certainly recommend using Batches for each set of tags you release.

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