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Batches are an important tool for managing large numbers of Tag Codes that will act in a similar way and will typically have the same Rules and settings.

For example, if you have a product that has a manufacturing run every few months, you can create a new Batch for each run. This will give you control and organisation over the release of your tags.

Creating a Batch

Batches are created at the Tag Group level.

Navigate to the Tag Group where you wish to create your Batch, then the Batches panel. Click 'Add New Batch'. This will instantly create a new Batch and display the Batch screen.

You can name your new Batch in the Batch Data Panel > Core Tab

The Batch name is used internally for management but can also be dynamically included in the Response using Subtags.

Moving a Batch

You can move Batches between Tag Groups within the same Active Folder. Batches cannot be moved outside the current Active Folder.

To do this, on your chosen Batch screen, navigate to Batch Detail Panel > Move Tab. Select your destination Tag Group from the dropdown list and click 'Move Batch'. All Tag Codes within this Batch will automatically inherit any Rules or settings from the destination Tag Group.

Deleting a Batch

To delete a Batch, on your chosen Batch screen navigate to Batch Detail Panel > Settings Tab. You will be asked to confirm your delete action.

Deleting a Batch and therefore any Tag Codes within that Batch is permanent. It cannot be undone. Proceed with caution.

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