Batch Settings

Organisation Folders > Active Folders > Tag Groups > Batches > Tag Codes

Generic Batch Settings

Batch Status

Batch Detail Panel > Settings Tab

Modifies the status of the Batch. Options are :

Active : Normal function.

Inactive : Tag Codes within this Batch are disabled. For both Redirect and Direct Response Mode, any request for Response (ie, a tag scan directing to ixkio), will show a blank page. No message is provided. For API Response Mode, a 'batch_inactive' error will be returned.

Delete : Will delete the Batch. A prompt will be given to confirm. This action cannot be reversed.

Batch Name

Batch Data Panel > Core Tab

This changes the interface name for the Batch. This name can also be included in the Response using Subtags.

Encoding Data

Batch Function Panel > Encoding

Encoding URL for Tag Codes within the Batch can be downloaded as a CSV file. The CSV also contains XUID Tag Codes and any CUID entered for reference purposes.

Associate Data

Batch Function Panel > Associate

The Associate Data feature can be used to upload CUID, UID or default Response data via CSV for all of some of the Tag Codes within a Batch.

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