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New Active Folders

Before an Active Folder can be used, the Response Mode needs to be selected. After creating a new Active Folder, navigate to the Settings tab on the Folder Detail panel. Select the chosen Response Mode and click Update to activate.

Active Folder Response Modes cannot be changed after being set.

The available settings will depend on the Response Mode. However, there are also some generic settings across all Modes.

Generic Active Folder Settings

These are settings available across more than one of the Response Modes.

Folder Status

Folder Detail Panel > Settings Tab

Changes the Status of the Folder and all Tag Groups, Batches and Tag Codes underneath. Options are :

Active : Normal function.

Inactive : Tag Code response is disabled.

Delete : Will delete the Folder. All Tag Groups need to have been deleted to delete a Folder.

Folder Name

Folder Data Panel > Core Tab

Change the name of your Folder. As Folder names can also be used in Responses (see Dynamic Response), the range of allowed characters is limited. Any update to the Folder Name here is instantly changed throughout the system.

Redirect Response Mode Settings


Folder Detail Panel > Settings Tab

Disables or enables the TapStart feature. This can only be set before any Tag Codes have been added to the Folder.

Test Mode

Folder Detail Panel > Settings Tab

Test Mode allows you to see the decision process and actions taken during the Redirect. It is designed as an easy debug mechanism to understand, for example, how any Rules are being processed.

We strongly advise not to use test mode once your project has gone live. If you need to undertake further testing, create a duplicate setup under another Folder.


Folder Function Panel > Locus Tab

Locus is a powerful feature that enables limited control over Tag Codes directly from an NFC tag scan. The Locus status settings for this Folder can be set as follows :

Off : No Locus access is allowed for Tag Codes under this Folder.

Registered User : Any Registered User (Account Master, Admin User or Controlled User) can access Tag Codes under this Folder.

Anyone : Any User can access Tag Codes via Locus.

This setting is a global Folder control over Locus but Locus can also be managed on a Tag Group level as well. The default setting for Locus on the Tag Group level is Off.

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