Organisational Folders

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Org Folders are simply there to help structure your projects.

Navigate to Folders > View Folder Tree to create and manage Org Folders.

You don't need to have any Org Folders. For smaller projects, we recommend just using Active Folders.

It's possible to have an Org folder within an Org folder. You can do this by dragging and dropping your Org Folder to the location you want it to move to.

You can also have multiple Active Folders within Org Folders.

You cannot delete an Org Folder unless it is empty.

Creating Organisation Folders

Navigate to the Main Menu > Folders > View Folder Tree.

In the Add Root Folder panel, enter the Folder name and choose the Folder Type using the drop down list. Then click Add Folder.

Deleting an Organisation Folder

To delete an Org Folder, navigate to Main Menu > Folders > View Folder Tree. Then right click on the desired Folder and click 'Delete'. Org Folders need to be empty to be deleted.

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