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Tag Codes

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What is a Tag Code/XUID?

A Tag Code or 'XUID' is a unique 8 or 16 character code which defines that tag within the ixkio platform.
This XUID is used in the tag URL which is encoded on the NFC tag to direct to the ixkio platform (or used via the API).
For example, a Tag Code of 12456ax would be encoded onto an NFC tag as . This will then identify the Tag Code within the platform.

Encoding multiple NFC Tags with one XUID

In the majority of use cases, each Tag Code would be encoded onto each NFC Tag allowing for full control over every tag.
However, you can also encode multiple NFC tags (or QR Codes) using the the same Tag Code. For example, one Tag Code can be encoded onto 100 different NFC tags. In this instance, all 100 NFC tags would be managed together.
If you encode multiple tags with the same tag code link, then changing the Response URL on ixkio will change the destination of all the tags encoded with that Tag Code. To manage tags individually, you must put a unique XUID on each tag.
Important notes for encoding multiple NFC tags with the same XUID :
  • Chip Counts will not work correctly if the same XUID is used across multiple tags
  • Authentication NFC Tags must be encoded with unique XUID (or CUID/UID) codes
Note that you can use the same Tag Code on multiple NFC tags but they will then all be controlled as a single batch.

Creating a Tag Code

Batch Screen > Batch Function Panel > Add
Tag Codes are created at the Batch level. Tag Codes can be added in any quantity up to your current account limit. Enter the quantity of desired Tag Codes and set the Status (Active or Inactive).
If you have enabled Assignment, then you will also need to select the starting Assignment Status of the Tag Codes.
Click 'Add Tags' to add your Tag Codes.
You can add additional Tag Codes to a Batch at any time.
If you want to add Tag Codes with your own CUID or tag UID, then create the Tag Codes first. Then download the codes (get Encoding Data), then upload using Associate Data.

Moving Tag Codes

Tag Screen > Batch Function Panel > Add Tab
You can move Tag Codes individually between Tag Groups and Batches. Select your chosen Tag Group and Batch from the drop down menus. Then click 'Move Tag'.
The Tag Code will automatically inherit any settings or Rules from the new Tag Group and Batch.

Deleting a Tag Code

Tag Screen > Tag Detail Panel > Settings Tab
Select 'Delete' from the 'Tag Status' dropdown and click 'Update'. You will be prompted to confirm the deletion.
Deleting a Tag Code is permanent and the Tag Code cannot be recovered. Proceed with caution.
Deleted Tag Codes are not re-used on your account or any other ixkio account.
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