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Ixkio supports using QR Codes either alongside or instead of NFC tags. It's possible - and in many instances very useful - to use the same Tag Code on both an NFC tag and a QR Code and manage them together as one item.

You can use Tag Codes purely for QR Codes if required. There's no requirement to use any Tag Codes - or the entire platform - for NFC tags if not needed.

Tracking QR Code Scans

QR Codes can be tracked independently of NFC tag scans within the ixkio platform by using a slightly different URL. For example, if your XUID Tag Code is 12345ax, you can use either :




If you are using a custom domain, then you need to use the second example - query string 'qr=1' - with your domain instead of the qr subdomain.

By using either of these options, the ixkio platform will register the scan as a QR Code scan instead of an NFC tag scan and display it as such in the stats as the 'Method'.

If you use the same XUID on both an NFC tag and a QR Code, then using 12345ax as an example XUID, use :


on the QR Code and use :


on the NFC tag. You can then manage both on the same Rules, settings, etc but will see the different scans via the Console.

Downloading a QR Code

Tag Code Screen > QR Codes Panel

Ixkio has built in function to download QR Codes for Tag Codes. Expand the QR Codes panel and click on either 'Download as PNG' or 'Download as SVG' to get your desired format.

Downloaded QR Codes will be automatically encoded to work on that Tag Code and register in the platform as a QR Code scan.

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