Using Authentication (NTAG424) NFC Tags

Authentication Tags and Keys

Ixkio will store the keys used for tag authentication. For security reasons, tag keys are not visible via the console. You can access the keys at any time by contacting us and we set up a one time download option.

Authentication (NTAG424) NFC Tags purchased from Seritag

During the encoding process, Seritag will upload the tag encryption keys to ixkio so that your tags are ready to use. They are your Tag Authentication Keys and you can request them at any time by contacting us.

Authentication (NTAG424) NFC Tags encoded with the ixkio mobile app

If you are encoding blank NTAG424 tags with the ixkio mobile app, then ixkio will automatically generate the keys and store them. As always, they are your Tag Authentication Keys and you can request them at any time.

Authentication Tags encoded using other platforms

You can upload NTAG424 keys to the ixkio platform at the batch level. This setting is not enabled by default - contact us to add this function to your account.

The NTAG424 tag can be encoded in a large number of different permutations. Ixkio supports four different encoding settings and it's important that tags are encoded in a certain way so they work correctly. Contact us for more information.

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