Response Modes

What is a Response Mode

The Response Mode will define how you will interact with the ixkio platform.
Ixkio Flex has two Response Modes : Redirect and Direct Response.
Ixkio Flex Pro has three Response Modes : Redirect, Direct Response and API.
Your Response Mode is set at the Active Folder level. You can have more than one Response Mode per Account by creating multiple Active Folders. However, Tag Codes cannot share a Response Mode.
You can only set your response mode once when the Active Folder is created. It cannot be changed.


The Redirect system will typically use the ixkio NFC tag management system and a destination server/website.
When the NFC tag is scanned, the user is directed to the ixkio platform, checks where the tag needs to redirect to and redirects the user. This happens almost instantly and user isn't aware of the redirect.
Setting up a redirect is quick, easy and flexible. It allows the management of tag destinations after the tags have been deployed.
Redirect System

Direct Response

The Direct Response system only uses the ixkio platform. The user scans the NFC tag and is connected directly to ixkio. Ixkio then responds with tag information.
The ixkio Direct Response Mode is typically used for simple identification or authentication of products or assets.
Direct Response


Flex Pro
For more advanced users, the API Response Method is designed mainly for use with authentication NFC Tags.
The NFC tags will link to your third party server first. Your server will extract parameters from the URL and make an API request to the ixkio platform. Ixkio will then respond to your server verifying the tag details.
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