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Designed primarily for verification of authentication tags, ixkio's API access is only available on the Flex Pro plan.

Use of the API system requires a strong understanding of technical knowledge and the ability to access and develop your webserver at an in-depth level. Ixkio cannot give advice on setting up or the configuration of your server beyond advising how our server would respond to an API call. If you aren't technically minded or don't have access to technical developers, we'd recommend using our Redirect Response Mode instead.

These pages details how to use the API Response Mode and how to access the API to verify your tag scans. If you are looking to use the API to modify Tag Codes, then read about Management API.

Typical Use Case

In all cases, the authentication NFC tag will link directly to your webserver or application, rather than linking directly to the ixkio platform. In other words, you can't use ixkio as a redirect and API platform for the same tag. However, Locus can still be used in some instances with API Tag Codes.

Where the tags are linked to a website, your webserver would extract the query string parameters from the URL and then make a GET request with those parameters to our server. The ixkio server will check the parameters and respond with a pass or fail message.

Your server can then respond directly to the user with the appropriate message.

The standard ixkio API can only be used for accessing Tag Code data. If you are planning to modify Tag Code data via an API, use the Management API.

API Overview

The ixkio Response API system is designed to be easy to use and access.

  • The Response Mode API can only be used to extract tag information, not set, create or change it

  • Rules can be used to control the API response

  • API responses can also include Dynamic Response information

  • All API requests must be on https not http

  • Access to API can be open or controlled with an API Key

Authentication Tags and Keys

We currently only allow authentication NFC tags to be added to the ixkio platform where we have encoded the tags.

During the encoding process, we will upload the tag encryption keys to our servers so that your tags are ready to use. They are your Tag Authentication Keys and you can request them at any time by contacting us.

For maximum security, you cannot see or access the tag keys via the ixkio Console.

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