The Redirect Response Mode allows the control of tag destinations after tags have been deployed. It's a very powerful, flexible and easy to use option.

When using the Redirect Response Mode, tags will link to the ixkio server first and then redirect to a third party website/page depending on rules you set. You can change the destination and the redirect rules of your tags as many times as you like quickly and easily.

Key Features


Rules allow tag scans to be redirected via ixkio to a third party website/page based on criteria that you decide such as number of scans.

For example, you can define a Rule that directs your tag scans to Page A on the first scan and then Page B for all subsequent scans.

Rules can be set at the Tag Group Level or at the individual Tag Level.

Dynamic Response

Dynamic Response enables you to dynamically add system or tag data into the redirect URL. You can include scan counts, Batch Names, Tag Names and more automatically within your redirect URL.

For example, this can allow you to add serial numbers to Tag Codes at any stage within the ixkio platform and then have those numbers dynamically added to your redirect link.

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