Using Redirect Mode

The Redirect Mode, like all ixkio configurations, has a number of flexible options. We recommend starting with a simple configuration then gradually experimenting with the features to get your best setup.

Setting up Redirect Mode

These steps are designed to get you started with a simple configuration.

Adding Tag Codes

Create a new Active Folder, then under Folder Detail Panel > Settings Tab, select the 'Redirect' Response Mode and click 'Update'.

Then, add a Tag Group (click 'Add Tag Group' from the 'Tag Groups Panel'). This will automatically create a Batch. Click on the 'Batch 1' link to view the Batch Screen.

From the Batch Function Panel > Add change the quantity to 10 and click on 'Add Tags' to add some Tag Codes. This will have created 10 new Tag Codes and the full management structure.

We would recommend you test the set up on an NFC tag. From the Batch Screen, click on the Tag Code XUID link on the Tags Panel to get the Tag Code screen for that XUID. From here you can get the encoding URL by clicking the link icon from the Tag Detail Panel > Info Tab.

Managing the Redirect

The redirect destination is managed using Rules. You don't need to create complex Rules to set up a redirect but you do need to set a 'Default' URL destination.

Tag Codes can each have an individual Default URL or you can set the Default URL at the Tag Group Level and it will be inherited by all Tag Codes.

To set the redirect URL for the 10 Tag Codes created in the sample above, navigate to the Tag Group level (use the breadcrumb menu).

Then, enter a full URL (including https:// or http://) into the 'Rule Set Default URL' field at Tag Group Function Panel > Ruleset Tab. Now, all the 10 Tag Codes will redirect to your URL on scan.

Using Authentication NFC Tags

Authentication NFC tags need to be encoded by Seritag (ixkio's sister company) to be used on the ixkio platform. Seritag will encode the tags for your project and upload the encryption keys directly to the platform ready for use.

We strongly advise discussing your requirements with us before proceeding but the general process is :

  1. Contact us to discuss or inform us of required NFC tag type

  2. Create your Active Folder, Authentication Tag Group and Batch

  3. Add the required number of Tag Codes into your Batch

  4. Contact us with details of where you have created your Tag Codes

  5. We encode your tags for the platform and upload the encryption keys

We strongly advise creating a new Batch for each set of authentication tags, even if it's simply a repeat order.

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