Viewing Usage

View your Tag Code and monthly scan usage by navigating to Side Menu > Current Usage.

Tag Codes

This displays the number of Tag Codes you have used for your plan. You can purchase additional Tag Codes and these will show under 'Additional Tag Codes'

The Lite plan has a limit of 1,100 Tag Codes (100 included in the plan and an optional upgrade of 1,000 Tag Codes). To increase your allowance further, upgrade to one of the Flex plans.

Tag Scans

This displays the number of Tag Scans you have used this month. A Tag Scan on the Lite plan is a redirect from a Tag Scan to your destination page.

It is not possible to add Additional Monthly Tag Scans to the Lite plan. However, a Tag Code purchase will automatically increase the number of Monthly Tag Scans and this allowance will be displayed under Additional Tag Scans.

Trial Accounts have a reduced number of available Tag Scans.

For paid accounts, we will email a warning when your Scan usage reaches 70% of your monthly capacity. At 100%, we will try and contact you to discuss your options.

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