Viewing Usage

It is possible to keep on track of how many Tag Codes you are using and what usage you have left per month.

Current Plan Details

You can view allowances by clicking 'Usage & Invoices' then 'Current Plan Details'. This will show you which plan you're on and your last renewal date. It also shows you the monthly allowances of Tag Codes and scans included within your plan. A Tag Code is a unique link within the ixkio platform. Read more here.

Current Usage

To view your current usage, click 'Usage & invoices' then 'Current Usage'.
This bar will indicate how many Tag Codes you're currently using. Tag Codes are limited on the Lite plan to 100.
Tag scans are per calendar month and reset each month.
These cannot be upgraded, if you need more Tag Codes or scans, you will need to change to the Flex plan.