Creating a Tag Code

Each NFC tag you add on the ixkio platform will have it's own unique Tag Code (XUID), such as 12345a6x.
The Tag Codes are included in the ixkio web link, like, which is then encoded onto the NFC Tag.
Once encoded, you can control the URL destination of the NFC tag via the ixkio console and change this destination whenever you want.
You can use the same Tag Code on multiple NFC tags but they will then all be controlled together.

How to create a Tag Code

Adding a tag to your account is simple.
Under the Side Menu, select Tags, then Add Tag. This will take you to the Add New Tag screen. Enter the following information :
Tag Name (Optional) Add a name for your tag that will be used internally within the ixkio console and within stats downloads.
Target URL (Optional) Enter the initial destination URL for your tag including the https or http. You can change this later. If you leave this blank, then the tag will use the Tag Default URL. You can still add a specific URL for this tag later if you start by using the Tag Default URL.
Tag Code Quantity The number of Tag Codes that you want to create.
Then click 'Create New Tag' to create your new Tag Codes.

What is a Tag Code / XUID ?

A Tag Code or 'XUID' is a unique 8 or 16 character code which defines that tag within ixkio platform. You can encode multiple NFC tags with the the same Tag Code. It doesn't limit the number of tags in total, just the number of changeable links.
You can search for your tag using the XUID code. The XUID code will also show in the downloaded stats making it easier to find.
If you encode multiple tags using the same Tag Code, then changing the link on ixkio for that Tag Code will change all the links on tags encoded with that Tag Code.