Deleting a Tag Code

If you no longer want to use a tag, you can delete it in a few simple steps.
To search for a tag, you can enter the Tag Name or XUID code into the search bar. Alternatively you can click 'Tags' and 'View All Tags'. This will show a list of all active and inactive tags.

Tag Detail

Click on the XUID Code and this will direct you to the tag page. In the Tag Details panel, select 'Settings'. This will provide a drop down list with a choice of tag status.
From here, it is possible to make a Tag Code inactive. Inactive tags will not show any response to the user, a white screen will occur.
It is also possible to delete Tag Codes. This Tag Code will be removed from your tag list and will no longer be available. Any hits on a deleted Tag Code will show a 'tag not found' message. Deleted Tag Codes links will not be re-used so no other ixkio user will get an old code.
Once a tag has been deleted, it cannot be recovered.

Watch: How to delete a Tag Code