Editing a Tag Code
Editing a Tag Code allows you to instantly change where your NFC tags link to.
There are a number of things you can do to modify your Tag Codes. Search for the Tag Name or XUID number in the search box or select 'Tags' then 'View all tags' and scroll through until you find your desired tag.

Tag Detail

This section shows the NFC Encoding URL, XUID Code, the date the tag was added and the Scan Count.
  • Your encoding link will be in the 'Tag Details' panel, below 'NFC Encoding URL'.
  • The XUID Code is added to the end of the URL.
  • The Scan Count is how many tag redirects have been made.
You can change the status of your Tag Code in the settings panel menu to Active, Inactive or Deleted. Inactive tags will not show any response to the user. Deleted tags will be removed from the software and will not be able to be recovered.
More information on how to delete a tag here.

QR Codes

If you want to use a QR Code instead or alongside your NFC tag, you can create your own by copying the URL or download it in a PNG or SVG format. When viewing stats, it will show in the 'Form' column whether it was a QR or NFC scan.

Tag Data

The 'Tag Name' can be changed to anything however, this will only show internally within the interface. Changing the 'Tag Name' can make it easier when searching for a particular tag. Statistics can be downloaded from a specific day or range of days. Your new 'Tag Name' will also appear within these stats.

Tag Function

You can change the destination URL of your tags in the 'Target Web Address' box, then click 'Save Changes'.
You must include 'http' or 'https' within the URL


The 'Events' panel will show the last 200 NFC/QR scans. This will show the date it was scanned, the event will always be a Tag Scan, the Type will always be a Redirect and the Form is whether an NFC or QR code was used.

Watch: How to edit a Tag Code