Editing a Tag Code

Editing a Tag Code allows you to instantly change where your NFC tags link to.

To find your Tag Code, either search for the Tag Name (that you gave it) or the XUID in the search box, or go to the side menu Tags > View All Tags.

Clicking on the XUID will then bring up the Edit Tag screen.

Edit Tag Panels

The Edit Tag screen is divided into 'Panels', such as Tag Detail, Tag Data, etc. Each Panel has Tabs, such as Info or Settings. The layout is the same if you upgrade from Lite to Flex - you just get more features.

Tag Detail Panel

NFC Encoding URL This is the encoding link for this Tag Code so you can encode your NFC tags (if you aren't using the ixkio app).

Encode Status The Encode Status can be set by you in the Settings Tab or will be automatically set if you are using the ixkio app to encode.

Scan Count This is the count of the number of times ixkio has registered a scan. This might not be the same as the number of times the tag has been scanned as a user might scan the tag without internet connection, etc.

Tag Data Panel

Tag Name This is an internal name you can give this Tag Code to help you identify on the console, in the app and within the stats.

UID This is the UID of the chip. This must be in the format and length of a NFC chip UID (7 bytes). You can enter this manually or if you are using the ixkio mobile app, it will be added automatically when you encode a tag.

CUID This is an additional 'Customer Unique ID' that you can add. Using subtags, it's possible to dynamically add this into the redirect.

Tag Function Panel

Ruleset Tab

Target Web Address This allows you to set or change this Tag Codes' destination URL or set to use the Default URL.

You must include 'http' or 'https' within the URL

Encode Tab

This Tab allows you to set this Tag Code to be encoded via the ixkio app.

QR Codes Panel

If you want to use QR Codes alongside or instead of your NFC tags, then you can download and/or get the QR code link here. Using this link will allow the stats to show that the user scanned a QR code. If you generate a QR code using the NFC link, then it will appear as an NFC tag scan in the stats.

Use the PNG files on web pages or other internet sites. Use the SVG (if you can) for print.

Activity Panel

Scans Tab

This gives you the details of the most recent scans for this Tag Code.

Event On the Lite plan, this will always be Response.

Type On the Lite plan, it will always be a Redirect.

Geo, OS, Browser Ixkio attempts to asset the country level geo-location, operating system and browser of each scan. To remain compliant with data protection, ixkio only provides country level information and does not store any user data. (Due to the non-intrusive nature of this, we know that it's not always 100% accurate so you may find some occasional incorrect country data)

Method Any scans on the NFC Encoding URL will appear as NFC. Any scans using the specific QR code URL will appear as QR Code. Note that ixkio cannot tell the difference if the specific NFC and QR codes are not used separately.

Stats Tab

Allows you to view recent scan activity and download raw data in CSV format.

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