Tag Encoding Data

If you have purchased NFC tags without encoding, here is how you can encode them yourself. This can be done tag by tag or as one large batch. Alternatively, you can purchase pre-encoded NFC tags from Seritag.

Encoding Individual Tags

To encode an individual tag, find your tag by either searching the XUID or Tag Name in the search bar or within your tag list. Your link will be in the 'Tag Details' panel, below 'NFC Encoding URL'. You can copy this URL into your NFC encoding app (NXP TagWriter or NFC Tools for example).

Encoding Multiple Tags

To encode multiple tags, click 'Tags' then 'Tag Data'. The drop down list allows you to choose which format to download the encoding data.
The ixkio Standard option allows you to download an excel file containing a list of tag names and URL's.
The NXP Tagwriter (Android) file is formatted for bulk encoding using NXP's Tagwriter App.
More information on how to encode/write NFC tags here.
NFC tags can be locked or unlocked. When unlocked, tags can be encoded over and over again. Once a tag has been locked, the data cannot be changed.
If placing NFC tags in a public space, we recommend locking them to prevent others re-encoding and then locking.