Setting Up the uFR Wifi


Ixkio Scan Assignment works with Digital Logic's range of uFR Wifi readers such as Nano Online. These devices do not require connection to a computer and, once connected to your wifi and configured, will work on their own.

The uFR readers/writers are available directly from Digital Logic or from ixkio - contact us for more information.

uFR Nano Online Setup

1. Create a Device User

Before you start, make sure you have created an Assignment Device User and have made a note of the Assignment Device User URL. This will be visible after you have created the user.

2. Connect the Reader to your WiFi network

Power up the reader by plugging it into a mobile phone charger or your computer.

Using a Wifi enabled device such as your mobile phone, search and connect to the Wifi network beginning ON... (This number should also be written on the uFR device)

Once your phone has connected to the device Wifi, enter on your browser and login using the default credentials: user: ufr - password: ufr

You then should find and connect to your Wifi network, and once this has connected, click ‘µFR Online info’ in the top corner of the screen.

You will now be presented with the new IP address of the device, note this down, and then reboot the reader.

You can now disconnect your phone from the device Wifi and back to your normal mobile Wifi.

3. Reading tag data

In a browser, access the uFR device's interface by entering the new IP address of the reader (as noted in step 1) into the browser search bar.

Navigate to 'Other Settings' in the top right corner of the //// interface, interface and switch the device to 'Master mode'. You will also need to make sure that 'HTTP POST' and 'Linear Read' are enabled.

Configure the 'Linear Read' settings as follows :

Input the Assignment Device User URL (as displayed after you created your Assignment Device user) and then press 'save'. Note that the URL below is just an example, make sure you enter your own Assignment Device User URL.

Click 'Save and Restart' in the top right-hand hand corner of the screen.

Your device is now ready for use.

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