Using the uFR WiFi for Assignment

This tutorial will take you step by step through a typical assignment process. We will use the uFR Nano Online device.

Using our ixkio mobile app to assign is strongly recommended.

The uFR wifi devices are quick and easy to use (once set-up) but do not provide any meaningful user feedback in the case of an error. Errors will need to be checked on the Console.

Create an Assignment Device 'User'

All Assignment Devices are 'users' - whether they are mobile phones or the uFR readers. To allow the uFR reader to control your NFC tags, you need to create a Device User and then set up your uFR device with that user's settings.

Create a generic Batch 'pool'

This Batch will be your general Unassigned Tag Codes which can be placed into any product or item.

Create the Batch and add some Tag Codes (Unassigned) to this Batch.

Encode one of the Tag Codes onto your NFC tag with a mobile phone. (In production, it's likely that you would have a large pool of pre-encoded tags supplied by us)

Create a Product Batch

Now create a Product Batch that will be for the product that you will place your Assigned tags into.

Activate Scan Assignment on your Product Batch

Batch Screen > Batch Function Panel > Assignment Tab

Select 'Scan Assign' from the Assignment dropdown and select the Device User that you created earlier and then click 'Activate'.

Scan the NFC Tag

Now scan the NFC tag with the uFR device. When the assignment is complete, the uFR device will beep once.

If you view the 'Pool' Batch, it should now be empty. If you view the 'Product' Batch, it should now contain your Tag Code with an Assigned status.

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